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National Park of Cilento

Cilento is characterized by a marvellous area which, a few years ago became a national park, spreading over an area of about 180 000 hectares. Over its long history, this region has been home to Greeks and Romans, and defended its borders against Turks, Saracens and pirates. It is still possible to find evidence of these peoples while wandering along the roads or exploring the sea-bed along the local coast. From Agropoli to Santa Maria di Castellabate, to Accaroli, to Pioppi, there are four European Blue Flags publicising the clearness and the cleanliness of the deep blue Tyrrhenian Sea.
The Greek temples of Paestum, the archaeological area of Velia and even the remains of an ancient Roman boat not far from Licosa Island, are just some of the historical sites that you can visit during your stay. The constitution of the park is, of course, to protect the typical local flora and fauna of the Mediterranean area.
But Cilento also occupies an important place in the traditional gastronomy of Campania: The best pizzas are covered with local tomatoes and water-buffalo Mozzarella cheese; the purity of the extra vergine olive oil, the variety of vegetables, fish of every type, salamis, cheeses and the excellent wines of these hills, all characterize the traditional Cilento cuisine, distinguished by its naturalness and lightness.

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