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Castellabate - The historic centre, set on the top of the hill, overlooks the stretch of sea between Punta Tresino and Punta Licosa and so offers a breathtaking panorama. It was probably the narrow alleyways, small mediaeval houses, the "Belvedere", the castle, the twelfth century Pontifical Basilica - embellished in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, which UNESCO declared to be "World Patrimony of Humanity"

Punta Licosa - The most romantic and delightful place in Castellabate, nominated by Homer in his Odyssy as the home of the mermaid Leucosia. 200m from the mainland, the island, on which is now a lighthouse, is surrounded by marvellous views and beneath the surrounding sea are the remains of an ancient civilisation.

Paestum - About 15 km away, Greek town famous worldwide and founded in the sixth century b.c. by a Greek colony from Sybaris and named "Poseidonia". The temples of Neptune and Cerere, the forum, the amphitheatre and the gymnasium are all within the perimeter wall which extends over 5km and together, their beauty and atmosphere provide an unforgettable memory for everyone. Don`t miss the sun setting behind the temples!

Velia - 20km from the hotel you will find the ruins of the ancient Greek town founded in the second half of the fífth century b.c., where the skills of Parmenides and Zenone gave life to the Eleatical School. You can admire the remains of the Akropolis, the Thermal baths and the Agora, a large building doubling as a political and religious centre.

Roscigno Vecchia and the caves of Castelcività - Roscigno Vecchia is a marvellous example of Medieval Village of great charm. Visit the Museum of Rural Life in the centre of the village near by the 18th church of St. Nicolas. Near by Roscigno Vecchia, the cave of Castelcività is one of the most important cave complexes in meridian Italy, and was formed about 40 000 years ago. There are wells, tunnels, underground streams and stalactites and stalagmites of every shape and form. The walk is about 2 km in unique, natural scenery.

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